Friday, October 16, 2009

Hangover review meeting

When most of us got up in the was actually not morning but almost afternoon. We(me,Nid, PP and Rakz) went and had breakfast. Then we all went to hari's room when Nish, Unni, Kiran, Hari were still in the lost world.
Nishanth was trying to find out how so much money came to his pocket. Nish had taken everybodies contribution and given his card to pay the bill.
Kiran the great while contributing thought he was given 3 100's note but one of it was thousand note. He did not even remember paying nor did he remember going to the resturent. The amazing question he asked was "Was I not even able to walk". Buddy forget about walking you were not able to stand and not even to sit either
Hari was the center of attraction. He was made to head bang, also virtually gave blow job to everybody
We just burst in laughter mimiking the way Nishanth was checking the bill......One thing that Nish remembers is that he gave review for the dj which I think nobody could even read. Not to mention he too does not remember what he has written.
Nish had tumbled upon a guy to spill all his beer on the floor. Later he slipped on the same beer to fell head backwards twisting his leg. The guys curse had hit Nish....
My true head banging was a point of talk and laughter for sometime. I also challenged that I drove back safely after the party only to be reminded by Hari that I actually drove on one way. I did not argue further.
Everybody was talking abt what they remember from previous night...
We even thought of taking down Minutes of meeting. This was probabaly the first time we were having such intense and fun filled review on the privous night's hangover
There are thing which cannot be expresses. You need to be there to enjoy it.....


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