Friday, January 30, 2009

The First official Visit - Feb 1

The First official Visit...sounds like I am going on a office work but u got it all wrong...
Today we are going to Native(Kushalnagar) and 2moro will be our first official visit to the girls house....I have been to her house thousand times but I am sure it will be different. The way I will be treated will also be diff because now I am the Guy. I am still excited about how it will all chalk out..
The other coincidence is that 2moro its my Bday too. So I will always remember this day
anyhow I am getting late..goto go else since everybody else has already got ready.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

mughals in Hydrabad

Date: Friday(16/01/09) 01:00 PM
From: Jay
To: Rakz;VS;NID;Arun;Sarath;Nish;
Sub: Trip to Hydrabad????

One mail from Jay and everybody were packing bags on Friday evening for a trip to Hydrabad. Two who were not packing were Nid(in US) and PP(had office on Sat). We hit the road on a volvo munching Chips. To our time pass movie Garam Masala was playing and we were laughing loud at times screaming and having loads of fun. Soon we all slept off and Abhi(out host in Hydrabad)woke us up and guided where to get down. We got down at LakadiKaPul where Abhi was waiting for us.

Anu and Jimmu joined us at 9:30. An Innova waiting to take us to Ramoji film city. From there on Film city had become photo shoot location for all of us. We all taking photos, cracking jokes and having loads of fun. Saw couple of shows(Stunt show). Afternoon we all had Shahi Hyd Biriyaani. After lunch a bus ride of the film city, photos, more photos, more n more photos made the watch tick.

Before the sun could say goodbye we got out of the Film city and went to Eat street.

We also visited an elderly teacher who taught Abhi,Jimmu and Anu. He blessed us all. We then finished out dinner. We said Adieu to Jimmu, Jay and Anu for the day. We then went a booked tickets for the next day 3D IMAX show for Polar express.

Then night had just begun for me, Nish, ABhi, Rakz n Sarath. We all went 2 a pub. The ambience was great. Towards the end we all were dancing on the tunes of the DJ. The date on my watch had changed when we went for walk in the night. At last we reached room and let our bodies take some rest.

Day 2 we all went to Golkomda fort. Jay was having fever but he came since he didnt wanna miss us. We hired a guide who explained everything which he probably would have already delivered 1000 times. Golkonda fort is a historic building and we wanted to be associated with it. So took loads of photo wherever possible or not possible. We finished our lunch in a small hostel since we were getting late for the movie. The 3D IMAX was a good experience and was nice to get some rest. Rest not only for us but for the cameras. We also went to Bhudha statue which is in middle of a lake. Illegally Switched our boats to reach Eat street.

The last plan was to go to Charminaar and from there itself go to the Bus stop for returning to blore. We were already running late. I did a rapid shopping of Bangles for Mom, Bhabhi and Nethra.

God bless the Auto which took 6 of us to the Bus stop. I still laugh thinking how we 6 got in a single auto. We took our seats in the Volvo and were on our way back to Blore. Thanks to Abhi, ANu and Jimmu for hosting a wonderful trip.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

its a busy world ...

Its just the beginning of 2009 and everybody seems to be so busy. I wont say its the perfect beginning of the year with so many controversies going on around. Let it be Satyam's cooking the book, Share markets still so low, Job cuts everywhere.

When I come to office the air seems to so thick I tend to feel suffocated. Some of them in fear of loosing Job, some of them too busy in work or pretending so.

Another thing that suggests that everybody is busy is that the usual bloggers are also not blogging nowadays(Unamana, Arun PP, PotPourri).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Is it change or a new beginning

As time passes tonight shadows will grow lengthier and things would start changing for us(Me, Nid,Nish,Rakz, Arun, Jay). Today the word "We", "US", "All" is what binds us all together. We always wished it would remain the same but everybody knew things would change. The first change is flying tonight at 3AM to to United states for 2months i.e Nidish. Not too much later Raks will be flying to Jidha for an Year.
Jay is also waiting for the confirmed dates for his trip to United states. So half of the people in the "We" are set to go. Things are changing faster than we thought. But still the hope remains that we all will be together for a long long time. Changes are happening but we think this is a New beginning. As Rakz said "sometimes, distances help strengthen relationships." and there would be so much more to share when we all again meet probably in Feb 2010.

Until then we don't know how much more changes we would have to see. But I am sure the craze of being "We" would always remain the same.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Fallen Tomato Cart

I pass through this very intersection every morning with so much ease. Today, thepace is skewed. There is a sense of disarray as motorists try to push past each otherthrough the traffic light. The light here always tests their agility because if you missthe green, you have to wait for another three minutes before it lets you go pastagain. Those three minutes become eternity for an otherwise time-insensitive nationon the move. Today, there is a sense of chaos here. People are honking, skirting each other and rushing past. I look out of my windowto seek the reason. It is not difficult to find because it is lying strewn all overthe place. A tomato seller's cart has overturned. There aretomatoes everywhere and the rushing motorists are making pulp of it. The man istrying to get his cart back on its four rickety wheels and a few passersby are picking upwhat they can in an attempt to save him total loss. Though symbolic in the largerscheme of things, it is not a substantive gesture. His business for the day is over. The way this man's economics works is very simple. There is a money lender wholends him money for just one day, at an interest rate of Rs 10 per day per Rs 100lent. With the money, he wakes up at 4 am to go to the wholesale market forvegetables. He returns, pushing his cart a good five miles, and by 7 am when thelocality wakes up, he is ready to sell his day's merchandise. By the end of themorning, some of it remains unsold. This his wife sells by the afternoon and takeshome the remainder, which becomes part of his meal. With the day's proceeds, he returns the interest to the money lender and goes backto the routine the next day. If he does not sell for a day, his chain breaks.Where does he go from here? He goes back to the money lender, raises capital atan even more penal interest and gets back on his feet.

This is not the only time that destiny has upset his tomato cart. This happens to himat least six times every year. Once he returned with a loaded cart of ripe tomatoesand it rained heavily for the next three days. No one came to the market and hisstock rotted in front of his own eyes. Another time, instead of the weather, it was apolitical rally that snowballed into a confrontation between two rival groups and thelocality closed down. And he is not alone in this game of extraneous factors thatseize not only his business but also his life. He sees this happen to the "gol-gappa"seller, the peanut seller and the "vada pao" seller all the time. When their productdoes not sell, it just turns soggy.

Sometimes they eat some of it. But how much of that stuff can you eat by yourself?So, they just give away some and there is always that one time when they have tosimply throw it away. Away from the street-vendor selling perishablecommodity with little or no life support system, the corporate world is an altogetherdifferent place.

Here we have some of the most educated people in the country. Wedon the best garbs. We do not have to push carts; our carts push us. We have oursalary, perquisites, bonuses, stock options, gratuities, pensions and our medicalinsurance and the group accident benefit schemes.

Yet, all the while, we worry about our risks and think about our professional insecurity. We wonder, what would happen if the company shifted offices to another city? What would happen if the department closed down? What would happen if you were to take maternity leave andthe temporary substitute delivered better work than you did? What would happenif the product line you are dealing with simply failed? In any of thoseeventualities, the worst that could happen would still be a lot less than having to see yourcartful of tomatoes getting pulped under the screeching wheels of absolute strangers whohave nothing personal against you.

All too often we exaggerate our risks. We keep justifying our professional concernstill they trap us in their vicious downward spiral. Devoid of education, sophisticatedreasoning and any financial safety net, the man with the cart is often able to dealwith life much better than many of us. Is it time to look out of the window, into theeyes of that man to ask him, where does he get it from? In his simple stoicism, isprobably, our lost resilience.