Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 more days to go....

I am still sitting in office finishing of my work. When I leave today it will be such a relief for another 21 days. 3 more days to go for my marriage and I still cant beleive that I am getting married. Probabaly once the rituals starts and when the full focus will be on me and Nethra I will get the seriousness. People expect that now that I am getting married I should be lil more serious. But thats something not even within 2KM vicinity.
Actually my friends have planned a trip to coorge after which they will attend my wedding. Wish I could also join the trip. I am running around to arrange stay and drinks for my friends.

from 2moro it will like jail for me since I will not be allowed to go anywhere. So I am getting prepared to listen to my parents and relatives for another 3-4 days. After which I will be a responsible husband. Ha ha ha sounds great. Lets see whats waiting for me. The cat will be out in another 3 days :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting Married !!! Ohhhhhh

Me getting married on May 3rd is probabaly the most apt reason for me not blogging these days. Oh my God cant beleive that in less than 10 days my Maritual status is going to get changed. What a change its going to be. Guys who are already married might be laughing how foolish I am writing all this and being so happy. But seriously I am probabaly one of the most optmistic guys in the world. I can bet things will change after marriage but not too much to make me regret.
Anyhow time is flying, my tension is growing. Me thinking all the time about the arrnagements, giving invitation cards, shopping bla bla bla. The biggest appluase should go to my Parents who have been untiringly planning for my wedding right from priting the cards, shopping sarees, distributing invitations and keeping all relatives happy which is probabaly most challenging thing
I should confess here that no matter how much pain I take,,there is always a sense of satisfaction. The fun part is my friends are not leaving any chance to make me realize that my bachelor days are over. Soon the next phase of life is going to start. I am very lucky to find a perfect(as of now) partner for myserlf. But thats something most of them feel while getting married. I would love to repeate the last sentence after couple of years later. As days are coming closer there are few butterflies in my stomach.

So guys I will be on leave for a month. I will try and blog but not sure if I will able to.
I will catch up all ur blogs once I am back. Untill then enjoy blogging.