Friday, March 20, 2009

Rock ethos concert

Mar 14 2009 Rock ethos concert
Venue: Bangalore palace grounds
A normal weekend got converted into a memorable one. I give the credit to Ram(name changed)who called me up and planned for the Rock show at the palace grounds. I had little expectations since I don’t listen much of Rock musiq. But then how would I know that I would learn new things at the concert. Again I would give some credit to Ram.

Enemies were at the gate exactly at 7PM and we entered the world of Rock musiq not before having a small argument with Bike Parking guy for taking more money. We were frisked at the entry gate and 2 bottle of Vodka were into the concert unnoticed by the Police. Great security I should say.

When we entered the atmosphere was almost set. But vodka inside shyam(name changed) bag was making too much noise. So I got a glass and when I said lets have it somewhere inside itself Nish disagreed. He wanted to step out of concert to have Vodka. When I question back he said the unsaid rule of a rock concert is not to have drinks inside the concert. The unsaid rule was chanted at last.So we went out to the parking lot. Got couple of lemons also. Ram was all set to finish both the bottle alone but we helped nish with one peg each.

Rock concert is most enjoyable when you have good spirit. So there we were having spirit outside the concert. But once the spirit goes in knowledge comes out. So Ram was all set to make us understand Rock musiq's connection with people mentality, Ram had done all his research to find out that people who love Rock music are very soft at heart and very emotional. People who listen to Classical music(karnatic etc) are mentally/emotionally strong. Good to know such information…..

In the mean time Galeej Gurus were performing. We took our time and by the time we went inside Cryptos were all set to Rock. There came another gyan of the day was "Rock concert is all about head banging" and Ram was in full zoom. I could see so many guys closing their eyes shaking only their heads. Probabaly that’s head banging.Though I hardly understood what was sung but I really enjoyed the guys playing guitar with such ease. Wish I could play my Guitar like that.

Anyhow the show ended and so did the gyan. Back to our homes and with the determination that we will be back when the next concert comes for more enjoyment and more Gyan.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am not alone..

Its not often that you find your reflection in other person. But probably I was lucky as I am always. I have not seen this person but we know each other well. I have not heard this persons voice but we communicate well. I have never seen this person but makes me feel as if we know each other from years. The ease with which we talk is unbelievable. Expectations is something that is miles away from us. We don’t expect anything and neither do we complaint.

That why I call this person my reflection. Hope to see u soon my friend. I was afraid I am one of my kind but not anymore


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Work -- Tagged by Unmana

What does work mean to you?
Work has always been a passion for me. Even since I started working almost 6 years ago I never thought I would go on to do so well(Touch wood). To be frank The Girl was my inspiration. I worked hard so that I could be successful and earning well to take care of her.

Work has always been about learning and ready to accept things. Success will find the person who improvises his learnings in his future. I have worked under several manager. Let it be love, work or manager we always tend the cherish the first one. So I do respect my First Manager Sesh and also give him some credit to where I am today. When I had an interview her never used to assign me any work and used to ask me to prepare well.

I have still not started answering What does work mean to me :). Work is something I love to do. Though we get paid for it but still if you don’t love your work then you cant do justice to it. I try and do justice to my job. Though there is so much stress in work but it helps us forget our personal problems at least for a solid 10-12 hours. The satisfaction which we get on finishing something challenging is incomparable. So work gives us the most important thing money, it also gives us satisfaction, stess(got to get used to it) and it also teaches us how to handle difficult situations. I am getting little emotional here but "I love you work"..ummahaaaaaaaaaa.
I have worked with 3 companies and I have loved my work. The day I stopped enjoying my work, would be a the day to move on. I am still at work so I better stop this blog here else …...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Much needed break

Feb 26: Bangalore leaving to Mysore
Every time I go to Mysore there is new energy that oozes out. That's because there is nobody to restrict. I can be me, myself , enjoying.
Thursday evening I left Bangalore and hit the Mysore road. Mysore welcomed with its usual breeze. PP picked me up and we directly went to the Bopy's.
A cold beer found its way and I could trace its path into my body. My usual peanut masala and PP mutton fry. Far from Bangalore without any tension. Ask me how it felt and I would say "It felt like ice slowly melting on ur plam to find its original state".

Friday I had to visit Virajpet for a function and I spent almost the whole day there. I was back to Mysore by evening. PP is always ready to pick me up. We then went to a wedding of my friend. PP accompanied me there or should I say he had no other option but to come with me since I was not knowing the place. But he did not regret coming with me since there were so many good looking girls in the wedding. PP gave his heart to one of them(Giving heart is his hobby :) ). Through out the wedding he could not stop praising that girl.

Then we went to our favorite restaurant Green Hotel. A candle light drink in a royal style is something very special about that place. A quite place with lovely ambience. The girl called me up and I could see that she was jealous that I am enjoying in Mysore. But this was the much needed break that I had taken.

Saturday was all meant to rest. Got up late and was just rolling on the bed till afternoon. Then a sudden plan to visit Golden temple in Kushalnagar cropped up. Fraction later PP, Anoop and myself hit the road. Spent our evening seeing the Buddhist monastery Golden temple. I stayed back in Kushalnagar since that my native place. PP and Anoop drove back to Mysore.
I was back to Bangalore on Sunday night. Back after a much need break.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last Birthday as spinster

March 3rd. It was The Girls birthday. Last birthday that she would celebrate as a spinster. She was very much excited about her birthday. I called her up at night 12 and wished her for her Birthday. In the morning went to pick her up. I had arranged for seasame flowers which she really loved. I also took a small cake and had small cake cutting session within the car.

She was looking stunning draped in her new Saree. We then went to temple afterwhich I dropped her to office.

I the evening my parents, brother, sister-in law and both of us went for dinner to 9th Mile dhabha. Was real good ambiance there. Enjoyed having food, cracking jokes. Then I dropped her back to her hostel and called it a day. I day she celebrated her last birthday as spinster :)