Friday, October 31, 2008

Is it that tough??

Why is it too tough for us to shed our pride at least in matters of love?
Its just a general thought that people always try to play mind games. Why cant they just go and tell what they feel. Is it that tough?

Was never tough for me. Probably its something to do about how clear you are in your decision. A mind which is in doubt will always hesitate thinking abt the commitment. But then if you know what you want you go all gun blazing to get it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

To My Gal :)

How can I forget the day?
When my only vision was you
The very first time in my life
When I fall in love with you

Many Springs have gone
Nothing had changed
The very first time in my life
Now I think I can be yours

We have had fights
Everything feels as a Bad dream when I closed my eyes
When I open those
There was nothing left

I hold you arm and u hold mine
Lets begin the Journey together
The only thing I know
Is Very first time in my life
I wanna be urs and only urs

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter Whisper

Early Morning hidden inside the woolen blanket the last thing you wanna do is to get out of the bed. I fought several battles with myself before my mom said "Are you dropping me or not. I am getting late". I was up on my toes with in min.

I took out my road companion and kicked him hard. It refused to start. Probably that too did not wanna get up from its sleep. Had to kick 3 times to wake it up. This was probably the way winter whispered a "Hi" which I royally ignored.

But as my companion started moving forward I felt somebody is following. I had worn 3 layers of protection but he without any problems entered and gripped me hard and said "Hi I am back". This time I could not ignore him. Winter has arrived on time this season

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yaadon ke saaye -- Tagged

My oldest memory:
Asking my friend to say a "Yes" so that I could pull out my milk teeth which was shaking from quite some time. A nod of my friends head and there came the milk teeth. Never tried that formula again :)

Ten years ago:
I was in 10th. First time appearing in board exams. After that 3months holiday. Of cource I went ahead and wasted my dad's money by joining a computer cource and the only productive thing that I did was created my first mail id I never sent even one mail and neither did I receive any. Just created it becoz I thought I was in love :)

My first thought this morning:
Oh should I go to office today. Acutal Diwali is today and I am sure most of them will be on off.

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain:
Me and My friends with guitar. My girlfriend would kill me if she reads this so I will take her along :)

This year:
Probabaly the most crucial year in my life. Chaged to a new Job after 4year, bought Flat, decided to get married(will let you know when and where), understood how bitter is truth and how to come in terms with it, a new entry to my Family thats my Bhabhi, started blogging, lot many things happened and the year has not ended yet.

14 years from now:
Would love to have a baby girl who would come running to tell what happend in school. The other thing that I wish from my heart is the group of friends that I have today should be there around for a glass of Drink and we could plan family trips together. We friends have already made a jouney of 8-9 years together and hope we will continue for ever.

Monday, October 27, 2008

kuch is tarah se maine jeevan saja liya...

kuch is tarah se maine jeevan saja liya
kuch is tarah se maine jeevan saja liya
har baaar eek naya chehara laga liya
thakdeer ki lakeeren hathon mein ruk gayi
kadomen ki aahato se manzil tahar gayi
aapno ki aarazhu ko har par mita diya
har baar eak naya chehara laga liya

Kuch is tarah se maine jeevan saja liya
aapni hi awaaz ko hamne daba diya
gham ko apne seene se laga liya
sapno ki duniya mein apna ghar basa liya
har baar eak naya chehara laga liya

Kuch is tarah se maine jeevan saja liya
raah ke patharoen ko aapna bana liya
Unki khushiyoen mein apna gham bhula diya
zindagi se is tarah humne mooh moad liya
Ki har baar eak naya chehara laga liya
Kuch is tarah se maine jeevan saja liya

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Name thats lost....

If you think back I am sure you will find a name for urself that somebody special calls you. The name that only the special person knows.You might have been called by different names but this name always will ramain special. You sometimes get attached to names. Thats where you start loosing the battle. We just flow with the feeling. I would say we start developing a split personality. Some feeling come out only when called by the special name. But thats where you have completely lost the battle.

After saying all this...just imagine what happens if the special person is no more special to you. The name now is an orphan. Though you will never forget it but I am sure you will never be called by it again.You can only think about the days when you were called by that name 100 times a day and now u wish he/she calls you once. But that will never happen. Thats why I say the name has now become an orphan.

The name haunts you asks you why did you do this to me. But you will have no answers. If you had answers then it would not be an orphan.Its the name thats lost its existence....thats the Name thats lost everything..thats why The name is now an Orphan

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A girl who made all the diff

It was not a dream but was a reality
but every now and then she made me feel its a dream
At the end of every conversation she would leave me conformarbly numb
Thats the girl who made all the diff

Did not want to stop thinking
Seldom did I know she would run away
But I am happy she looked back serveral time
Thats the Girl who made all the diff

Did not want to let her go
Seldom did I know that she would go so far
But she left her impression behind
Thats the girl who made all the diff

Phoenix in love....

Love is a thing that gives you as much pain as it gives happiness.
When things do not go the way you want...there are thoughts of disappointment...there is frustration...there are feelings which you cant explain. I know everybody has gone through this feeling of helplessness.
You just want to be alone. You body will be here but mind will be somewhere else. I name this whole thing as a "Passing storm"
Whats love..."Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." When you dont get love you get disappointed. It takes courage to rise from it. But once you have done that you become a better person.

Thats why I say "The lost love can do more good than harm". So move on with you life and dont lie down on the tracks of history waiting for the train of the future to run over.

Years later when you look back and You smile ....and I say if you do that you have succeeded

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Light at end of the Tunnel

There are times in life when you feel its end of road. There are times when you just dont want to see the reality.
I had to fight with myself to make the road ahead.
Just when I thought that everything is over. I remembered the famous words Nid always says "Its aint over untill its over"
It motivated me and I held myself.
Suddenly I find things have started changing. Everything is falling in place. I feel happy again.
Patience, calmness, understanding others and love never goes unnoticed.
Today "I am what I am". I have left the yesterday behind for a happy future

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SkandaGiri --- Trip of a lifetime....trip of Grit and sheer motivation

29th April 2007 was a day in our lives that made us take our friendships to a totally different level. What was in store on this day was something special and I am sure all of us would remember it forever. We cherish it as our best trip ever.

It was Friday morning(27/04/2007) when Nidish started of a mail chain for a trekking trip. This trekking was different than our usual treks because it was a Plan for a Moonlight trek. It did not take much time for all of us to send a mail saying "Yes I am in".

The MoonLight trekker were Amit,VS,Rakesh,­Nish,Sajanu,Sarath,­Abhi,Nid and Jay

Saturday 28th Night
9:00PM: Everybody reached my home. We had 4 bikes and a Car.
9:30PM: Our Journey towards Skandagiri near Chikaballapur Started
9:45PM: Everybody realized that we dont even have a torch. Guys said never mind we will still go ahead. It was a Full moon day :) and we were anyhow going for Moonlight trek.
10:15PM: Out first Stop near Devanahalli was for having dinner in a Dhabha.
11.15PM: Finished dinner and from a lorry driver bought a small torch.

Sunday 29th
12:00AM: Reached the base of the Skandagiri mountain
12:05AM: Woke up people sleeping near the base to ask for a guide. But nobody was willing to come
12:20AM: One guys just showed us a way where we can start the trek(I really thank this guy for showing us the wrong way).
12:30AM: We started our trek with full Josh :). We could not find any trails. But we are not the ones who follow trails. We make our own way.
01:30AM: We realized we had reached a dead end. There was no way forward. We also then realized that the guy showed us the wrong way.
02:00AM: We were again back to square one from where we had started. The single torch also ran out of Battery. But Moon was bright enough :)
But not even for once we thought of going back without trekking :)

Suddenly from 1KM far we saw a light flashing. We started moving towards the light. Even from the otherside the light was moving towards us. We went close enough so that we could shout and talk.
Since I was the only kannada guy, I shouted "Yaar adu". It was a villeger with a strong torch on his head. We could hardly see him due to the bushes all around.
We were hesitant but we moved forward closer to him. We were stunned to see him with a rifle in his hand. We could not go back also because we were just at 20 feet distance from him.
I must say I took a deep breath and went closer to him and started speaking to him in kannada. I also asked him to give his rifle to me since I was afraid.
Since he was a local guy we convinced him to become our Guide.

02:15AM: We started our Treck again. We were already tired because we had finished an unsuccessful trek.
03:00AM: The Guide took from the ways that we could not even imagine. He was climbing so effortlessly that we just were stunned.
After close to an hour our tiring body made us ask him the question "Guruve inna yeshtu mele hogbeku" which means "how much more left."
The reply which we got only made us more tired. He said "We still have to climb 3 times what we had already covered"
03:30AM: Our bodies started screaming for rest. We were climbing a steep rock. There was no point looking down because it would only worsen things. Wind trying its best to push us down. Every step was a challenge. Where ever possible we held the rock and rested for couple of minutes. Had a sip of water probably every 30sec :). Suddenly my water bottle slipped. It just went rolling down. That made us realize what would happen if we slip.

4:00AM: We again asked the Guide how much more to go. But the guide never wanted to make us feel better. He said "Sir you have only come half way".
I bet half of us did not want to continue since our bodies had given up. But it was impossible to go back the way which we came in. Not even the guide could go back the same way. So we had only one way out. To only go forward.

4:30AM: From far we thought we could see the peak. But when we were almost abt to reach we realized it was just the beginning of the next peak.
I had never felt so tired in my life. But then I knew others were more tired than I was. Myself and Nid motivated others by saying "Little more to go". "We can do it". "We have done this before"
Every 10 steps we took rest. I cannot forget Sajanu who weighed almost 100Kg climbing. For every 2 steps he took he rested. At a point I was afraid if he would fall since the climb was steep and wind blowing pushing us down. For a moment I also thought what we would say if Sajanu died. All kinds of thoughts started coming into my mind. But it only made me give a hand to sajanu and made sure I held him pulling him up for every step he took.

5:00AM: We could see the last mountain that we had to climb. Me and Nid used to climb faster than others. After climbing little bit we used to say "Its very easy to climb". "Come on Guys its not tuff". We could see everybody was just dragging their body which was not ready to go any further. But our Grit and determination. The motivation that each we were giving to each other made us do all this.

5:30AM: The last step of the summit. If anybody has not seen heaven then ask us how it feels to be in heaven. We had never felt happier in life. We had achieved something that was close to impossible. We found new energy. The adrenalin was pumping. We were no more tired. We just hugged each other for finishing the trek.

Things were not over yet. Our great Nishanth had a surprise. He took out the wine bottle. Believe me Wine had never tasted better. Few sips of wine to celebrate our climb.
We were bang on time to see the Beautiful Sunrise. The cold breeze, friends, Wine, beautiful Sunrise what else can you ask for in a Bachelors Life.

That was one of the best Moon light trek we ever had.
A big thanks to the guy who showed us the wrong way because if he had shown the correct way. It would have been like any other trek where we had to follow the trail and climb without much difficultly.
But because of the wrong way it made the climb special and memorable.