Friday, October 16, 2009

Hangover review meeting

When most of us got up in the was actually not morning but almost afternoon. We(me,Nid, PP and Rakz) went and had breakfast. Then we all went to hari's room when Nish, Unni, Kiran, Hari were still in the lost world.
Nishanth was trying to find out how so much money came to his pocket. Nish had taken everybodies contribution and given his card to pay the bill.
Kiran the great while contributing thought he was given 3 100's note but one of it was thousand note. He did not even remember paying nor did he remember going to the resturent. The amazing question he asked was "Was I not even able to walk". Buddy forget about walking you were not able to stand and not even to sit either
Hari was the center of attraction. He was made to head bang, also virtually gave blow job to everybody
We just burst in laughter mimiking the way Nishanth was checking the bill......One thing that Nish remembers is that he gave review for the dj which I think nobody could even read. Not to mention he too does not remember what he has written.
Nish had tumbled upon a guy to spill all his beer on the floor. Later he slipped on the same beer to fell head backwards twisting his leg. The guys curse had hit Nish....
My true head banging was a point of talk and laughter for sometime. I also challenged that I drove back safely after the party only to be reminded by Hari that I actually drove on one way. I did not argue further.
Everybody was talking abt what they remember from previous night...
We even thought of taking down Minutes of meeting. This was probabaly the first time we were having such intense and fun filled review on the privous night's hangover
There are thing which cannot be expresses. You need to be there to enjoy it.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009


While leaving from home at 8:45 I never expected the night be a rocking one. PP had come over from mysore for cyclothon and I thought of spending the night with all of the guys(Nish, Nid, PP, Rakz).
Me -- "Nid I am starting from home"
Nid -- We are in Purple Haze come directly
Me -- I am flying to PH
I entered the pub only to hear the loudest and the most rocking musing being played. My eyes wandered in search for Nid and Nish. When I found them there were 9 of them. Together they jumped on me. Hugging, lifting and even beating me....a Rocking entry to an even more Rocking place.
These guy were here from 7:30 itself...that explains why everybody gave me a rocking entry.
I saw Nish just pouring beer till the brink one after was just not the glass that was filled but everybody had reached to the brink. But something was telling them u can have just a lil more.
One side Hari was just staring at something totally lost which I am sure he does not remember
Kiran had almost given up to keep his body upright....
Rakz just could stop looking at girls.....
John was acting like a bull set free after months......he had tasted beer after a long time. He wanted to make this one count
Unni(Hari bro) was the most behaved guy in our group. He was enjoying seeing all of us...
Shenaaz was non stop head banging had taken not just beer but also Takeela shots for him to reach this state
I also tried head banging only to hit some bodies head...then a sound from within told me "Buddy u r drunk so just keep quite"
PP scoundrel was missing. I thought ...have I drunk so much that I cannot see him at all. But then Nid told me that he had left for dinner party of Glaxin.
Then came the whopping bill of 7K in which half was already paid by cover charge. Now Mr Adu wanted to check the bill .
He took out the pen and read loudly
"4 Peanut masala" correct and put a tick mark on the bill ....I could see a hole in that part of the bill
"4 figer chips" ..I held his hand so that no more holes are made on the bill
"15 Pitcheres" ...incorrect we never had 15 pitcheres. Thats what we feel after getting drunk. He drew a line till the top of the bill and wrote "Wrong".
Nid's was smart to understand that Nish had no clue what he was doing and collected the bill. Somebody paid and all I remember is we got out of the Pub.
I also remember reaching Empire hotel and then I went blank. Somebody work me up after everybody finished dinner. I could see Kiran had thrown up. Hotel charged Rs50 as cleaning charges.
Nid went down to call Auto while Nish and Unni were helping Kiran get down the stairs.
Auto: where Sir
Nid: Madiwala
Auto: Rs100 kodi
Nid: illa illa 40
Auto: 80 final last ashte ashte
Nid: illa illa 60 final and the rate was finilized by Nid
Nish went to the same auto person and said
Nish: Eshtu
Auto: 100
Nish: illa illa 80 final ...
Nid's bargain had just gone for toss. Now the auto person was demanding 80 instead of 60. Nid went to another auto and fixed the rate.
I took my Activa and hari joined me. Thanks to the rain who made sure that police did not catch us.
We reached room and my body fell on the bed and it was morning when I woke up.
last night was a real hangover

Monday, October 5, 2009

Secret Msg System

Secret message system implementation.

One : Cant call husband with me
Two: Don't call. Everybody staring at my mobile itself
Three: Call me I am free
Four: Cant Call. In-Laws with me
Five: I am free but not in mood


Sleeping SID

If anybody wants to go and watch "Wake up sid" based on Masand's review..plzzz dont read further.

I went into this movie with high expectation. Probably that was my mistake and may be the reason I was disappointed. To start off the movie I think did not have a script writer or if there was on he was paid for nothing.

The movie goes on as expected without any element of surprise. You can just guess the next scene at any point of time. Its just seems they were lacking creativity. The most visible thing in the movie was the way its been dragged dragged dragged. Given to direct I would have finished the movie in not more than 15mins.

The only light moment in the movie was when the heroin decides to go for a walk with SID at night within 5mins of their first meeting and just waits to make it clear to SID that she is not going to sleep with him. Though SID had never thought abt it.

Anyhow the **** given by Times of India would have been 4 more stars provided the producer gave Times people few more lakhs.

A 1.5 out of 5 for this movie. If you don't have anything else to do and have some money to spend, Go try this movie.

If you expected me to narrate the story then I am sorry, I already told you above that there isn't one in this movie


Carlsberg beauty

Well begun is work half done. I am sure you would have heard it. The aim of the day was to have fun. I wanted to meet NId, Nish, Rakz and have some fun. So there I was in Madiwala. Me and Nish went to get some beer. Nish knew he wanted to have nothing other than Carlsberg.
When we entered Nid's room with Carlsberg, I could could see a biiiiiig smile on his face. Cheeeers to life and there went the first sip inside. Wonderful feeling and then I knew why Nish searched untill we got Carlsberg. Enjoyed the beer like never before. Life become so much more beautiful when everybodies around and nothing to worry with a beer in hand.
Just to capture the moment we took 5-6 snaps and somebody screwing it up each time. But all of them look like Kodak moments. Rakz joined us and we all then went to UB city for for for absolutly nothing. Nish though still thinks we went their to buy a piar of formals for him. Shirts starting 15K and trousers probably 18K we should have sold Nish to buy a pair of formals.

We all then went to Nandini and had a BB(Biriyani and Beer) Lunch. Rakz had to leave to due to his personal commitments. We all then went to Corner house and had DBC. As I said before Life looks so much more beautiful when we guys are together. Cheers to life and cheers to us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Swine Flu fear

Just when I was riding on my wife's activa, I breeze hit me. I started sneezing non-stop. The cold has hit me hard. The nose started flowing non stop. I waited for a day but the nose had not stopped. So finally decided to visit a doctor.

The first thing the doctor did was to put on a mask before checking me. A thought of swine flu just passed through my mind. The doctor said I had FLD which meant Flu like disease. Strictly asked me avoid office and to take rest for 3 days.

Swine flu fear has grown bigger. I also put on a mask which only made the fear grow bigger. 3 tables per time for 5 days is what it took to beat the fear. My health was coming back to normal and so was the fear.