Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rock On

When did I dance last time. I think it was for the last New year party. So for all the dances which I missed whole of this year I paid it back in the office Vibranz party yesterday. We all had fun, we all had beer and so did all of us Dance. The DJ was not that great but once 2-3 bottles of beer goes in it really does not matter does it :). The DJ played some good local number like "Jinkke Mari Na", "Appadi Pode Pode" and "Manmatha Raza Manmatha Raza". As expected few songs from "Rock On" also rocked the party.

Good thing about the party was many attended it and most of them danced. Cheers to everybody who attended it and made it a fun place to dance :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Calm water

I'm not a body with a soul, I'm a soul that has a visible part called the body
I threw a pebbel into the water but it did not create any ripples.
Was it something with the water..I dono
Was it something with the pebbel ...I dono
Was it something with me..probabaly yes

The pebbel sank calmly into the water
There will be no more ripples here after.
Since I will never throw a pebbel into water again.
What diff does it make since either way it did not create any ripples.
I will find new shores and new pebbel which will create ripples
Probabaly I have to find myself within

The recession Effect

A small conversation b/w friends

Ram: What up buddy
Shyam: Nothing much man my manager is killing me

Ram: Why what happend
Shyam: Nothing but he is simply putting lot of pressure to meet the deadline

Ram: Oh....
Shyam: Cant retaliate also else dono what will happen..situation outside is also not too good
Over that everywhere cost cutting....

Ram: U started smoking again...I thought u had left it.
Shyam: Yes man....cant help....nowadays late night stay....

Ram: Do u have any news abt 6th floor
Shyam: hmmm I heard they have removed 20 people.

Ram: Shit man....if we get fired it will be an experience itself
Shyam: Dont tell like that man....

Ram: forget it..any plans of marrying
Shyam: Joking or what....nowadays people are not giving girl to Software eng

Ram: Oh really I dint know that
Shyam: Yes for Software eng has really gone down

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mom ..took me to temple

Mothers have unique techniques to make us do things that they want. They know us too well and we fall into the trap

Situation: Mom has kept a Pooja in a temple on a weekday and wants me to attend it. But I need to go to office. But how she makes me come for pooja

Technique: In the night while having dinner Mom would say "Tomorrow there is pooja in XYZ temple which we are doing for everybodies good. You can come to temple and after sankalpam you can leave to office directly from there". Even before I give my opinion the topic is closed.
When Dad asks mom if I am coming, mom will tell "He only told that he also wants to come to temple and will leave to office from there itself". I am left with no option but to go to temple. After Sankalpa is over mom will say "We should not leave the Pooja in between and hence I will be stuck for another hour there itself staring at Poojari's face. The Poojari easily can make out that I want the Pooja to be over as fast as possible

Side Effects:
Got to get up early and take bath
No Breakfast in the morning.
Reach late to office

Monday, November 17, 2008

should I call it traffic Jam

If I had known that I would be stranded on road for 5 hours why the hell I would have left office. As usual I left at 6:00PM in my cab thinking to reach by 7:30PM. But half way through near Cunningham road I realized that it would not be a normal days travel. The vehicles were crawling inch by inch. An hour later we were just moved 200meter ahead. Me and my friend decided to get down from the Cab and have some food. We went to a resturent near by had Idli, then some Cake. We then went to road side stall to have Omlate. As we had guessed our cab had only moved another 200m ahead. With nothing else to do we again got inside the cab.

All this because of a Political gathering by Janta Dal in Palace ground.

Peaple staying within 5 -7KM alctually walked to their home including my cousin. After an agonising crawling of 4 hours the cab moved letting the air come in. By the time I reached home it was 11PM in the night.
This was not Traffic Jam but political Jamm.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whats going on

If you ask me I dont even have time to think whats going on. In the morning I get up and just because I sprint I make it to the Cab on time(5mins late is on time for me). In office we are suppose to work. So obviously I do that and try to do some justice to my Job. Even before I a realize its evening and I have to go to hospital to be with Dad. Just being there with Dad probabaly make mom feel better. Dads recovering from his operation and should be home in another 2-3 days. In the night I reach home at a time when only dogs of my area are awake barking at me. I have my dinner and allow my body to take some rest.
Next day starts with me agian sprinting to catch my office cab. So I am lapping between home - office -- hospital - home

What else: Jay Anusha(both my friends probabaly more than friends) marriage is fastly arriving. So lot of planning going on for it. Daily mail chains running around regarding their marriage plans. One thing I know is I am the cashier for all expenses :). Dont think I am rich, others will transfer fund to my account :)

Vibranz is also going on in office. I participated in Carrom went on till 3rd round. I have a TT match today evening but no much hopes bcoz punters are already practising. I am just the staricase for them to go forward. Fun is in participating.

After all this I am hardly finding time to blog. So I am blogging from office itself.
Other thing that I forgot to mention is that I started liking the book "Ladies coupe". Probabaly in another 2-3 days I should be readind the last few pages of it.
"Kite runner" in my shelf is already waiting for me :)

trying to be poetic

Like the passing wind its always around me but invisible
I wanna see it but it never reveals itself
I stand here thinking about everything...but things are fading away
I stand here trying to be the same person who I was ..
but things will never be the same
Though I resist one part of mine always wishe the past never changed
Now the time has come that I stop thinking.
May be this had to happen one day and that day has arrived
Its just that I didnt wanna see it
One day you will stand where I stand today
When that happends you will understand how it feels to be me
But dono why still One part of mine always wishes that past never changed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dada crosses Chequered flag

The day 10 Nov 2008 will be remembered for number of reasons. India beat Australia 2-0 fair and sqare.But one reason that will stand out will be the end of a legend, fighter and the person who made Indian cricket what it is today. Dada none other than Sourav Ganguly took field for the last time. His leadership, aggression, grit, determination is not very often seen. Probably that made him the legend he is today.
This guy has seen everything. He was unstoppable and probably the most dangerous batsmen in his prime.

He took over Indian team during the times of turmoil. He led from the front. Backed the team to the fullest. Single Handedly built the Indian team. Taught India to play fearless cricket and has taken Indian cricket another level. heads off the Dada.

After enjoying such highs in cricket. He was stripped of his captaincy. Soon he was stripped off his place in the side. Everybody wrote him off. For a second even I thought his career was over. But Dada showed how much grit and determinination he had to come back. He cake back and came back in style. Now after performing and serving Indian cricket for 13 years today 10 Nov 2008 he has said sayonara to Indian cricket. The best thing for me is he is going on his own terms.

It's not the time to be sad about Dada's exit. It's time to celebrate a fantastic career. It's time to support Dada who has taken such a tough decision.

Heads off to Dada. You are an Inspiration for the future of India cricket.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Books are my companion now.

I dont want to claim myself as a Chetan Bhagat fan. But his writing surely is worth reading once. I wanted to read "One night at call center" but was too lazy to go get it. But last week I happen to see this book in a stall next to my house. So there you go I had this book. One tihng was sure to finish it off in two days even if I take my own time to read. Anyhow I was not disappointed by this book. I could laugh and enjoy the book.

Dad was hospitalized and I chose to read the book rather than getting bored sitting quitely. So the book was my best companion in hospital rather than the mallu sisters :)

Came to know little bit more about call centers. The book also shows some realities of life. How people compromise in life.
Anyhow I enjoyed readind this one. Now I have started off with a book
"Ladies Coupe". Finding it very difficult to make inroads into the book. Quite serious book about a girl who is 45 and still single.
My brother gave it a try and could not go past the 3rd page...
Will let you guys know if ever finish this one. I will try to but if the lady who is 45 is too serious then I will have to drop it too...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Revival of feel good factor

Last day of the month(Oct) but its the begining of fun bcoz salary got credidted. It being a Friday is like icing on the cake.
Nid wanted 3 things to be done today. A good cocktail, Good food and a movie. Nid was stuck in office. Actually for him its been rather difficult time in the new project which he has moved to. So he desperately wanted to break free from tension. So the plan was to meet up at Kamadhenu restaurent. If you go by Hindu mythology its the cow, which grants all wishes and desires. So the name made me think for a while but how does it matter. The sad part was the person who needed the most(Nid) could not make it for Drink. Myself and Nish spent an hour there having Good drink.

Out next venture was to find a good place to Dine. "Sea shell" is where we ended up. Had good food from there before we realized its alreadt 9:55PM and we were going to be late for the 10PM show. A triples ride to PVR and some urgency helped us getting 3tickets for "BODY OF LIES". We were lucky because we could see the movie fractionally before anybody else.That the only adv getting the front most seat almost just below the screen. I dont wanna to get into the details of the movie bcoz frankly i did not understand it fully. Couple more attempts of watching it might help. I cant blame the movie bcoz I also slept off in between for 20mins :) before interval.

But the purpose was sloved. The feel good factor was back. Thats more imp for us. Weekend had just started and we were having fun. Thats what I call "Revival of the Feel good factor".

Saturday, November 1, 2008

shock of Fashion

Note: People who want to save money and time and Hair can read Further

If anybody wants to pulls there hair out then you can go watch the movie "Fashion". I must say I am very disaapointed from this movie. Ya Madhur Bhandarkar tried to show some reality of fashion world. How a new face with good attidude tastes success. How success can change attitude into arrogance. How relationships are forgotton when u get too much success. But he reinvented the wheel at least 3 times in this movie.

I think Madhur did not have an editor for this movie. How can it go for 3 hours. Movie like Fashion should not be more than 2hours. But Madhur Bhandarkar had different plans. He wanted to torture us for an Extra hour. The movie was so predictable and people were just waiting for it to end. Several times I felt like leaving the movie hall since it was not ending.

Then only thing that was worth watching was trailers of "Gagini" and "Quantom of Solace" during interval.