Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wising everybody a Happy New year

You must be thinking how fast time is passing. It feels like last year had just arrived and within no time we are going to step into the next year. I still remember me writing on my claroom blackboard 01/01/96 and I feel it was just a little time ago. But actually it was almost 12 years ago. So the good thing is time is flying faster than you think and hope everybody is making progressin ur lifes.

I wish everybody a happy happy new year. Let 2009 bring you happiness and fulfill all the dreams that you have seen. I wish myself also a very happy new year. Lets see how this 2009 unfolds. Anyhow will surely keep blogging all the happening in 2009.

Sayonaraaaaa to 2008 and warm welcome to 2009

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hero to Zero in one Kick

The Girl had gone to visit her mom and since I had not met my Girl this weekend. I offered her a drop to hostel. I reached the stop half an hour ago. Why do I always do this when I have to meet her. Anyhow since I had ample time, I thought of buying flower for her. I got Rose for her and was again waiting for her to come.

As usual my heartbeat became faster and my eyes glowed to see her get down from Bus with a beautiful smile on her face. I had hidden the Rose to surprise her. Then like a hero I kicked my bike only hear blast sound coming from it. My bike refused to start there after. So within mins hero became zero. Never the less she got her Rose and got into another bus and left.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pulling legs....in Mail

Guys visiting my page dont have to read this blog entry. Its meant only for me. After many years I am sure I will miss these mail conversation. So just saving it in my blog. If you still wanna to go ahead and read you are welcome to do so but i am sure you will not find any humour in it which only we can find it.

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:10 PM
To: Nish

Cc: niD; Rakz; JAY; PP
Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

Da at least now send few photo from Jays marriage....
ninakku vendatha kore mail aaaykyaan samayam undu..pakshe Jay's marriage sanps download cheyaan samayam illa alle....

Kando Jay ..ithere ullu....


Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:21 PM
To: VS
Cc: PP; NID;Rakz
Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

nee enthada arune ingane
ninakku avan paranja pole cheythude
From: VS

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:17 PM

Cc: PP; NidNish; Rakz
Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

Eda Patti Jay...at least read who is in the "To:" List in the mail ...
Arune nee veshamikenda aaato.....njan nishanthina cheeth vilichade

From: Nish

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:14 PM
To: VS

CcNid; Rakz;PP; Jay
Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

Mr. Mangalassery,
samayam alla - ivde prashnam. i ve all the time in the world. no work today.

these are the steps i must follow to get it done.

1. transfering the photos to some pc.
2. burning it to CD
3. getting it to office
4. get scanned by network group
5. copy into my pc, and sending to u all.

From: Praveen Kumar, Vokkaliga
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:19 PM
Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

1. transfering the photos to some pc.(Do it on Nid's laptop)
2. burning it to CD(not required)
3. getting it to office(not require)
4. get scanned by network group(not required)
5. copy into my pc, and sending to u all.( send it from Nid's room....he has internet access)

From: Nish

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:21 PM
Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

find my comments below.

1. transfering the photos to some pc.(Do it on Nid's laptop) - done, i ve copied it on the first day
2. burning it to CD(not required) - there was no net connection, when i trafsd it
3. getting it to office(not require) - there was no net connection, when i trafsd it
4. get scanned by network group(not required) - there was no net connection, when i trafsd it
5. copy into my pc, and sending to u all.( send it from Nid's room....he has internet access) - good.
From: PP

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:29 PM
To: Rathish P
Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

enthu myr anu...oral photo de karyam parayunnu
oral jungle resport nte address ayakkunnu entha karyam..?

enikkonnum manasilavunnilla

From: Nish

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:19 PM
Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

i have only one nerve left, and you are getting on it

From: Jay

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 4:33 PM
To: PP

Subject: RE: Daaaaaa mosham

arune.. last time jungle resorts poya snaps evide .. athu ninte kyil alle ulle ....

PS: eniku nalla paniyundu .. bt i lost my passion for work .. and findin it difficult to regain it. help me ..

Thanks for being around

If you have a friend who can read ur mind what else can you ask for. A person who can sense if you are happy or sad and is always around to comfort you. I enjoy every moment spent and sharing every incident in a microspoic way. Even by chance if I miss out telling something I am sure of getting caught :).

You are one person to whom I can come and share anything without worrying.Thanks for being around.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good to see you back

Saying nothing...sometimes says the most in a silent way. And when this silence is broken, that which comes is the real you. After a long time I saw that real you. You were happy like never before and I was happy for you. It was something like the spring had clawed its way back from winter.

Be here and be this way. thats all I can say.
Dont let ur sorrow conquer ur smile away

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not long ago I found ...

Not long ago I found myself alone in my journey
I looked around to see for the person who started along with me
I waited waited and waited more
Just with the hope to see the person was left behind
I saw a glimmer of hope. The person was back
I ran ran..I ran faster than I ever did
I reached only to find it was just a Camouflage

When there is constant pain u start finding pleasure in it
When you stop being urself, you find the real person within
When you stretch you limits you will learn the pleasure of no limits
When all this happened, I found that I was the one who was left behind

Now its me who is back and its no camouflage
Its always you, its always has been
No matter what happen, we should control the consequences

Not long ago I found that
The fight is never with others, its always is with yourself

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Re-Living the pictures

Yesterday was again a usual day but what made it better than other days was the mins that ticked after 7PM. A small party with office friends(Bala, Madhu, Sreedhar, Vishwa). I also finished dinner with them.
Then a walk from BTM signal to Rakz house. Walking alone in the night thinking of good times is something I always enjoyed. Nish's message "Da get bottle of Vodka if possible" made my mobile beep. The message made my purse little lighter as well. But who the f*** cares abt all this.

As I entered the room, Rakz was sitting in front of his lappy editing photos as expected. I took out my laptop and transferred Jays marriage photos(it had all photos except the actual marriage pics). Then browsing every picture and re-living those moments again. Laughing to death on some special pics like
"Nid tuff Guys look"

"PP's zig zag run

Nish's mid 30's Mohanlal Look

Jays pose.

Soon Nish also joined us in the room to laugh with us. Not much later Nid showed up. We all had galla time laughing as the pictures. laughing at the caption that I have put on my orkut photos. The best caption award was given to the caption
"Standing here I wait for her....but she does not know I am here... " .
While all this happens only one thing striks my mind. These are the days that we will cherish in future. These are the best days of our lives.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mere Yaar Ki shadi thi

Its been a wedding we have been waiting for almost a year and planning for almost forever. The wedding which was so special for all(me,Nish,Nid,PP,Rakz) of us. It was Jay and Anu's wedding.
Phew!!!! at last it happened. You bet we enjoyed every moment of their happiness.

To start off, we all reached Jay's home in Palghat couple of days ahead of marriage. We had our moments where we laughed to death for the photo poses that Jay gave. Espacially in the one in which he was suppose to be the Thamboraan(King) and we were the Gunda's. The evening walk to the river. Camera lense tried its best to capture the momemts of our togetherness but it requires little more than that to show what it takes be an element of "US".

Kudo's to PP and Nid for the wonderful Bachelor's party arrangement at a resort in Waynaad. Cheer's to Glaxsin for his drinks management skills. With limited supply of drinks he achieved the target of making 10 people flat. Thanks to everyone who came for the party without whom it would not have been so enjoyable.

At last "THE Day" arrived. I always wondered how a Groom always has a special glow and freshness in his face. I am sure everyone will have that glow one day.
We were with him until the moment Anu stole him away from us for ever at Sunday Nov 30 2008 at 11:30AM. Together we wished him all the very best for this new beginning.

He was the first to get married in our group. Rest of us are bachelors so the banner said it all.